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lEArn. Form的英文翻译


你好! how to learn english form movies 如何从电影中学习英语

learning / learner

你好! 你跟谁学滑冰了? whom did you learn skating form?

why he don't want to learn


Jefferson has a highest identity in the society, but he is different with other noblemans that talking to all the people in all kinds of class in the society equally.He told Lafayette the reason why he did like this is that it'...

如何幼儿学习有很好的价值?家长如何教 儿童的重要性,善良,耐心和自律?当越来越多的家长担心的消极和暴力的图片上看到自己的孩子电视,电影,并在互联网上,一些正在转向童话故事的方式教他们年轻的何的行为在社会上。 童话故事里并不总是为...

Why do we learn English English is one of the most widely used languages in the world.It is spoken by nearly three hundred million people:in England,the United States,Australia,Canada and many other countries.It is one of the ...

I work while I am learning English.

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