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lEArn. Form的英文翻译


你好! how to learn english form movies 如何从电影中学习英语

应该是I learn from them.我向他们学习

你好! 你跟谁学滑冰了? whom did you learn skating form?

我想学英文,你能教我嘛? I want to learn English, can you teach me?


learn English的中文意思是学英语;学习英语; 例句: I can not learn English well. I think I am giving up. 我学不好英语,我想我要放弃了。

Last year,I did not like my English class.Every class was like a bad dream. 去年,我并不喜欢英语课,每一节英语课就像一场噩梦. The teacher spoke so quickly yhat I did not understand her most of the time. 老师讲话这么快以至于我大多...

Lifelong learning is the concept that "It's never too soon or too late for learning", a philosophy that has taken root in a whole host of different organisations. Lifelong learning is attitudinal; that one can and should be ope...

.differnnt studnet have different ways to learn english.Let me tell you some ways.first, we can talk to our friends in english because it can improve our speaking. second, why not learn some english songs to improve his listeni...

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