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lEArn. Form的英文翻译

你好! how to learn english form movies 如何从电影中学习英语

All of the

应该是I learn from them.我向他们学习

study learn

Lifelong learning is the concept that "It's never too soon or too late for learning", a philosophy that has taken root in a whole host of different organisations. Lifelong learning is attitudinal; that one can and should be ope...


我想学英文,你能教我嘛? I want to learn English, can you teach me?

Jefferson has a highest identity in the society, but he is different with other noblemans that talking to all the people in all kinds of class in the society equally.He told Lafayette the reason why he did like this is that it'...

如果你没有犯错误,你不会从中学到东西! 1.在星期天的毕业礼上,SU-Kyeong Kim会和班上的385个同学演讲。对她来说这就像一场梦一样。Kim刚来美国的时候对她来说一个英文字也有困难。但现在她的梦想成真了。 2.Kim来美国的时候才15岁。在四年中,...

用study. I study at ** senior high school.

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