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你好! how to learn english form movies 如何从电影中学习英语


.differnnt studnet have different ways to learn english.Let me tell you some ways.first, we can talk to our friends in english because it can improve our speaking. second, why not learn some english songs to improve his listeni...

我想学英文,你能教我嘛? I want to learn English, can you teach me?

英国商业现在正经历一段困难时期 British business is now experiencing a difficult time 只有这样我们才能学好英语 Only in this way can we learn English well. 他们通过电子邮件进行交流 They communicate by e-mail 对一个人来说会游泳是...

learn. a little more

You must learn 【to】【make】【a】【request】 希望帮到你


we learn english by doing things.”怎么翻译 我们通过做事学习英语。

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