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I hope this makes sense的中文翻译 I hope this makes sense 我希望这是有意义的

relation -- relaitonship -ship,表示的是一种:关系,是那种抽象的关系,内在的关系。 句意中的“relation”是要表述“关系”的意思,描述的是抽象的感情。 relation侧重形式上的关连,而 relationship却侧重密切的交往。例如: John's relation ...

难以饶恕的罪人 Kinda lose yoursense of time 'Cause the days don't matter no more All the feelings that you hide Gonna tear you up inside ...

I hope he will be a tall and handsome gentleman who also has a sense of humor and good temper. In addition, being caring and demonstrating a high...

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