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fall on one's face v. 脸朝下倒下 More often than not, if one tries to buck the system, one is more likely to fall flat on one's face! 在多半的情况下,如果有人试图反对他所在的制度,他很可能会栽跟头!

fall on one's face是什么意思脸朝下倒下


意思是某人一直热泪盈眶。 fall down on one's face意思是一个习惯用语,意思是:某人热泪盈眶。 例句:The scalded tears fell down on her face when she heard the news.听到这个消息她热泪盈眶。 相似用法:fall down on the job. 搞砸,干...

fall flat on one's face 面冲下跌倒; 彻底失败 一败涂地

I know just when to face the truth, and then...Let me prove it to you one on oneCan I take...someone's gotta go 总有人o会离开n and i want...

fall 常用作动词,它主要有以下几种意思: (1)跌倒,倒下。如: Danny fell in the snow. 丹妮摔倒在雪地里。 (2) 掉下,落下。如: An apple fell from the tree. 一个苹果从树上掉了下来。 The glass fell on the ground. 杯子掉在了地上。 (3)表...

如果我往前跌倒了怎么办? 意思是受到小挫折怎么办


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