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be born:1.出生:He was born in Beijing.他生于北京。 2.生而为,命中注定:He was born a poet.他天生是个诗人。 Be born to do sth. 命中注定要做某事。He was born to be hanged.他命中注定要受绞刑。 Be born of : 出生,出生于。He was bo...

be born in出生于;源于……地点 be born into生于……样的家庭:Eartha Mae Keith was born into a poor, rural family in South

一、be born in/on/at 的区别: be born in后接出生的年或月份;出生的较大的地方,如大城市、国家、洲等。 be born on后接出生的日期。 be born at后接具体出生时刻;出生的较小的地方,如家、村、乡村等。 例题 He was born ______ a cold win...

是出生的意思,be born中的be表示这个词前需要加be动词,was是be动词的第一/第三人称单数过去式形式,毕竟说“我出生于……”时此人是在谈自己过去的事情,所以用was

born的原型是bear, born是动词被动式,因为被母亲生下来,绝不是自己能完成的自然形态;

英语的固定句型: 主语+be动词(系动词)+表语 结构 没有为什么规定的固定句型就是这样的,符合英语的表达习惯,就像ABC就是读作ABC记住就好。

be born to be 生来就是 双语例句 1 But it is still far from clear that this year's lead poisoning crisis will improve the lives of the Xiao Wangs yet to be born rather than prove to be just another illustration of the dark side ...

Everyone is born with the ability to learn.人一出生就有学习能力。(自然规律,客观现实)(一般现在时) She was born with weak eyesight.(具体某人,表达过去)一般过去时

Born to be(ナノ) They bring me down All the world is stereotypical Playing out rules, but act out another Look now, you thought you had me by the upper-hand But I see through the face you’ve covered cynical Four, unleash the be...

Be born in 强调出生的地点或场所,而be born to/of/into强调出身,突出“来自于一个什么样子的家庭或有什么样的身世背景”这个意思。

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