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All thE timE 和thE wholE timE 的区别

“all the time”强调的是“始终,一直,无时无刻”; “the thole time”强调的是某个特定的时间段。

all the time:一直;总是;无时无刻 例句: 1.All the time Wilson had been talking, his voice had been a little abstracted. 威尔逊说话的时候,口气总有点恍惚。 2.The tone of his voice and the blue light of his eyes were repeated i...

the whole time 全部时间(自始至终);一向 eg:I had expected Seth to make some suggestions at the meeting, but he sat there the whole time as quiet as a mouse. 我本来期望塞斯会在会上提些意见,但他始终坐在那里一言未发。 2.She ha...

1. 有时这两个词大致同义,只是位置不同:all 要放在冠词、指示代词、物主代词等之前,而 whole 应放在这些词之后。2. 在复数名词前一般用 all,在单数可数名词前一般用 whole。

in the whole time

whole time 整个时间 I went for a run there, keeping an eye on the children the whole time 我去那里跑步,期间一直留意着孩子们。


The whole time / All the time I was watching TV last night, he was fast asleep. 昨晚整晚我在看电视,他在呼呼大睡。 Every time I ring her, the...

答案选D,此句考察的是if虚拟语气。由于主句a great deal of time & money would have been lost 用的是would+ have done的形式,此种状况下if条件句表示与过去事实相反的假设,应该用过去完成时,即had not been planned.整句的意思为:如果当...

习惯说法是 The whole plan took him too much time (整个计划花去他太多的时间),口语中也可以用 cost 代替 took。

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