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All thE timE 和thE wholE timE 的区别

all the time:一直;总是;无时无刻 例句: 1.All the time Wilson had been talking, his voice had been a little abstracted. 威尔逊说话的时候,口气总有点恍惚。 2.The tone of his voice and the blue light of his eyes were repeated i...

“all the time”强调的是“始终,一直,无时无刻”; “the thole time”强调的是某个特定的时间段。

in the whole time

在 the whole time 中, time 不是“时间”, 而是“一段时间”,所以可用 whole 修饰。


whole time 整个时间 I went for a run there, keeping an eye on the children the whole time 我去那里跑步,期间一直留意着孩子们。

in the mean time 英[in ðə mi:n taim]美[ɪn ði min taɪm] 释义 同时. In the mean time, we provide the whole set Cloisonne Painting training for Cloisonne Painting lover and amateur. 同时公司提供彩嵌画(景...

shake the whole city 震撼了整个城市 in time 及时 And not buy too much . But can we get tickets in time ? 而且不要买太多东西。但是我们可以及时买到机票吗? in time for 及时赶上 Usually they arrived in time for supper . 通常,两人...

答案选D,此句考察的是if虚拟语气。由于主句a great deal of time & money would have been lost 用的是would+ have done的形式,此种状况下if条件句表示与过去事实相反的假设,应该用过去完成时,即had not been planned.整句的意思为:如果当...

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