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英语翻译 急~~简单

翻译如下: 考试的成功主要取决于学习努力的程度。 The success of the exam depends mainly on the degree of study effort. 老师讲的很多关于阅读技巧也适用于英语学习。 Much of the reading skills what our teacher said also apply to Eng...

①城市罗马,意大利,完全围绕着世界上最小的国家梵蒂冈城国。它占地0.44平方公里,有一个边界测量3.2公里长。因为梵蒂冈是完全在罗马,它没有港口海洋船只。这个国家真的只是一个非常小的城市:城市区域覆盖了100的国家。 ②baggagebags,(不会翻译)...

1.- Hello, may l talk to the headmaster now?- A.Sorry, he is busy at the moment (答案) 你好,可以和校长说话吗?A 对不起,他现在忙。 2.- Do you think I could borrow your dictionary?- C. Yes, heIp yourself 我能借你的字典用用吗? ...

“老鼠在门下跑,你是对的,布朗老鼠,我们确实在门下面,很幸运! 灰老鼠说。 “ 但是我们不安全,看,隔壁来了只狗1白老鼠说。

从简单的学起 翻译结果为:Learn from the simple simple_有道词典 simple 英 ['sɪmp(ə)l] 美 ['sɪmpl] n. 笨蛋;愚蠢的行为;出身低微者 adj. 简单的;单纯的;天真的 n. (Simple)人名;(法)桑普勒

在一个游戏中收集300枚硬币 在埃及找到一个带着帽子的僵尸 在一个游戏中使用五个星级支持者(硬币炸弹和汽车,两个僵尸)

1 My mother has a lot of housework to do everyday. 2 This reward belongs to those people who work hard everyday.

太性感了,有没有简单点的 It is too sexy; is there any simpler?

您好,很开心为您解答 翻译是:Is it convinient to/for you to answer the phone? 希望对您有用,顺祝您学习进步,天天开心 望采纳谢谢

A page from my diary May 10th ,2011 Friday Fine Today is Friday .It is the last period of this week. After the bell rang our teacher came in with an English book ,when she saw some words and pictures on the blackboard.She was a...

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