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英语翻译 急~~简单

①城市罗马,意大利,完全围绕着世界上最小的国家梵蒂冈城国。它占地0.44平方公里,有一个边界测量3.2公里长。因为梵蒂冈是完全在罗马,它没有港口海洋船只。这个国家真的只是一个非常小的城市:城市区域覆盖了100的国家。 ②baggagebags,(不会翻译)...

1.- Hello, may l talk to the headmaster now?- A.Sorry, he is busy at the moment (答案) 你好,可以和校长说话吗?A 对不起,他现在忙。 2.- Do you think I could borrow your dictionary?- C. Yes, heIp yourself 我能借你的字典用用吗? ...

What a meaningful day!

1. there is an english party tomorrow. 2. the man standing in the front of the classrooom is Mr. zhang 3. li hua is too young to look after himself.

1.are over five 2.kinds of vegetable 3.symbol luck need 5.from Australia

楼上的两位都是用机器翻译的。 我来手工翻译下,这篇文章不难翻译。 with the rapid development of the tourism.the tour guide are being so hot.though the requirement for tour guide doesn't's not hard to understand the pheno...

39. When it was his turn to take the test, the author went to his car with- c. increased nervousness 轮到他去考试时,作者走向自己的车-- 越来越紧张。 40. The passage is mainly about- B . the feelings of a learner before his driv...

half past six/six thirty/thirty to seven/thirty past six three twenty/twenty past three eleven seventeen/seventeen past eleven

I have been very bored this summer, every day at home. Basically, every day at home doing their homework. One day, me and Ann went to see a movie, I find it very funny.

1,I haven's get rid of the feeling of a outsider. 2,You should put the eggs into the flour,and do not do on the contrary

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