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一个外国男的唱的英文歌.歌词里面有losE Control,...

应该是 Ludacris 和 John Legend 合作的《Tonight (Best You Ever Had)》,下面是歌词,你搜来听一下看看是不是这首 歌曲:Tonight (Best You Ever Had) 演唱:Ludacris 、John Legend Ain't this what you came for Don't you wish you came, o...

questions as this, during the

就叫lose control吧,英国女团The Saturdays唱的

let me go

Beautiful ,Justin Morrell You don't know what you do to me You are my little mystery One look was all it took My .. nights and my heart is an open book You are my everything I wonder if you know how it sings about me Your eyes...

是不是mariah carey的cruise control ,不过这首歌貌似没有i lose control,只有i need cruise control


这应该是Hedly的《Lose Control》 《Hello》专辑 其中有一句oh my god I lose control

有没有多一些线索?是个人的还是团体的? 可以去听看这首歌,虽然是英文歌,可是符合那些条件 Trash乐团-Lose Control

Scream & Shout - Spears Bring the action 行动起来 When your hear us in the club 当年在夜店里听到老娘这首歌 You gotta turn the shit up 你将会像打了狗血一样 You gotta turn the shit up 你将会像打了狗血一...

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