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求翻译下面这句话! 如有你希望在3月发货的话,请...

IF U WANT SHIPPMENT IN MARCH,PLS INFORM US WHETHER THE LC IS ISSUED OR NOT ? 标准的外贸商务英语,简洁明了地道。外贸术语里发货常用SHIPPMENT,开立信用证:issue the LC,正如银行的信用证通知书上写的那样issuing bank即开证行。所以用词...

If possible, we would like to have this training on September the 3rd. Please let me know if it is ok with you?

I will be on business on 3rd and 4th of March, i may not be available on phone, anything important please contact me by email, thanks

的翻译不错...只嫌"粗野"一点...n(0_0)n Dear Sir, Please consider these options: Firstly, the import of the original (product/part?)from Italy will take between 2-3 months. If you are willing to wait, we shall import for you. Alt...

The conference will be held in the afternoon of March the 5th, Tuesday.

I will be on holiday when 3.20 and3.23.Please contact my colleagues XXX when there are some opinions. thank you! 希望能帮助到你

our winter holiday is from 2nd february to 1st march,the summer holiday is from 1st july to 31st august. half an hour 采纳哦

1.What is your title? 2.They have been together until the house move. 3.can you brrow your computer to me? 4.If possible, please put your situation described to me 5.the water pollution has given you the success of many problems

Now I apply for two-day annual off, from March 14 to 15 ahead of time, and I'll be back to work on March 16.

From 14th March to 17th March, i will be in Hong Kong, please contact by mobile phone or Hong Kong contact number when necessary. 以上是照原句直接翻译。如果要比较合英语文法,以下的句子较为合适,意思不变。 I will be in Hong Kong...

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