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1.are over five 2.kinds of vegetable 3.symbol luck need 5.from Australia

生活中充满挑战,当逐渐变老,我们就意识到这些挑战形成了我们的性格使我们成为现在的样子。友谊遇到的挑战也是同样。 遇到挑战的时候,我们通常有两个选择。我们可以尝试击退挑战,或者可以认为这个挑战的事情不值得这样麻烦而放弃。虽然有些时...

The generation after 90s are selfish and dependent, seeking for easy and comfortable life. The generation after 90s dare to challenge everything. They are rich of imagination and act with courage.

1: which only for college students 2:which belongs to another passenger 3:worth while to have experience in a new culture. 4:It is undoubted that 5: had already proved that 6: in return for his help 7:this is an era of 8: are w...

that we must insist most of whom were germans in which students are familiar with the words when we are very convenient which will make the poor beneficial as is announced, whose windows face southern how we treat them

1.It's my impression that a typical English gentlemen often take an umbrella with him. 2.This beautiful and clean city has left a deep impression upon the foreign tourists. 3.Professor Lu stood on the planels entrance and waved...

I:Tina,你觉得你是和你妹妹Tara是不同的吗? Tina:噢,是的。虽然我们看起来很想但我们确实是不同的。 I:是吗?那在哪几个方面你们是不同的呢? Tina:我比Tara更外向,并且我更友好更欢乐。我也很喜欢运动。 Tara:是的,她跑得比我快跳得...


I have learned a lot in this year,and I have led a happy life

1 wearing glasses makes he looks mysterious 2 our activity aim is to protect the enviornment 3 they got up so early that catch the first bus 4 it is very useful to know some science knowledge in our daily life

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